Selling points

B2B selling points

As a company you can buy our products in the following store.

B2C selling points

We also sell our products to customers in various places. Our webshop for B2C customers is our main selling point. Here we always offer the complete assortment of our products.

Following is a summary of stores where our products are being sold. Be aware that not all these stores offer our complete assortment of products.

Would you like to become one of our resellers? Contact us!


Besides these above mentioned stores, we often visit markets to sell our products on. If you would like to meet us in person you are more than welcome to come and have a chat! ;) The following markets we will be attending in the coming time.

  • 25.09 - Swan Market Rotterdam
  • 02.10 - Swan Market Antwerpen
  • 09.10 - Swan Market Utrecht
  • 23.10 - Swan Market Rotterdam
  • 11.11 - Creative Life Utrecht
  • 12.11 - Creative Life Utrecht
  • 13.11 - Creative Life Utrecht
  • 20.11 - Swan Market Rotterdam
  • 26.11 - Market Biesbosch
  • 10.12 - Market Utrecht
  • 11.12 - Market Utrecht
  • 18.12 - Swan Market Rotterdam